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Without exception, all helicopters serving the offshore oil and gas industry are powered by Jet turbine engines. These sophisticated power units run on a kerosene fuel grade internationally identified as JET A-1. Its quality is critical to safe operation of the aircraft and it must therefore be handled in accordance with stringent quality control procedures at every stage from refinery to aircraft.

Harran refuelling systems are developed to ensure that only clean, uncontaminated fuel is delivered to the aircraft with maximum safety.

The standard Harran H225 refuelling system refuels both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft of all types by either over-wing or under-wing refuelling method. Derivatives based on this well proven system are manufactured to suit particular requirements for example, on offshore installations the system can be tailored to suit space and weight constraints, deck elevation and available utilities etc.

Safety systems including fire detection/protection and/or jettison arrangements are available according to requirements.

In addition to Factory Acceptance Testing witnessed by client and certifying authority, on completion of installation and before being used for the first time, the system is fully tested and flushed with JET A-1. Following this operation a series of mandatory checks are carried out, including fuel sampling. After satisfactory results are obtained, Harran issues formal notification to all concerned parties advising that the system is cleared for refuelling aircraft.



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